Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Thanks BEN


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  1. SAFE! Well, except for those Rare life changing or ending Reactions.
    EFFECTIVE! Well, dangit, ExCept for the Breakthrough cases that are wrecking or ending lives.
    I'm starting to think the vaccinated are the superspreaders.
    I'm doing my part for Science. I've volunteered to participate in this human trials experiment by staying in the control group, which it seems all the greatest scientific minds want to eliminate.
    Since we have seen that The Jab doesn't keep people from getting The Coof, is it even possible to achieve herd immunity?
    Our Coof experience..
    The wifely unit got sick in November. Rode it out. We didn't know it was The Coof. I slept in the same bed, in a closed room with a window unit. No central air or heat. I never felt a thing. The last doctor visit she had she got blood drawn and she has antibodies.
    As a patient care, hospital worker she has to wear a mask at all times, except when it's time to eat. She has to put on the PPE gear for each Coof patient.
    She still got it.
    If I ever had the flu it was so long ago I can't say for sure it happened.
    Never took a flu shot.

    If that offers any useful information I suppose it was worth the time to type it. Good luck out there.


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