Monday, August 30, 2021

Job Killers



  1. Yeah but they never bruise my carefully selected produce nor do they give me attitude.

  2. My default setting was to go directly to the cashier for the exact reasons you gave. However, a lot of the cashiers have turned me off with their attitude one literally implied that I was stealing as I was paying for the goods--this was a drugstore I used on a regular basis. The self-checkout has become my default.

  3. The job killers are the governments that pay people to sit on their asses and do nothing. The self checkout stands are the result of that.

  4. My complaints EXACTLY!!! Especially number 1! That's someone's job!
    In addition, cashiers get paid. They want me to do a job others get paid for, give me an incentive, like 10% off my total...

    I feel the same way about Kiosks in restaurants.

  5. I think the same about online banking and ATM's.


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