Monday, August 16, 2021




  1. This should be a public service announcement.

  2. "Bathed in Glyphosate"? What a stupid statement. Glyphosate deteriorates at a fast pace and if found in anything is like finding the WuFlu bug after using 40 cycles instead of the proper 25. And no, I've never done a detox whatever the hell that is. I've lived on this farm for 70 years and the only health problems I have are from a life of hard labor.

    1. The stupid statement is saying glyphosate deteriorates at a fast pace. That is Monsanto salesman BS, or a farmer trying to escape responsibility for poisoning the water supply and the food chain. Glyphosate has been detected in rain water!! It is persistent and very water soluble so it goes wherever water goes. It has become ubiquitous. Perhaps your health problems are due to more than just hard labor. I thought hard work never hurt anyone.


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