Wednesday, July 28, 2021



  1. Yea well, I wish the majority had this attitude.

  2. AMEN!! Except, I'm not sure that everyone has received the memo... Hell, most of them are still asleep in front of the boob tube watching the Olympics, or a MLB Game, with a Budweiser or Coke Product clenched in their meaty paws. The ole Bread and Circuses BULLSCHIFFT! Did you see the FARSICAL KABUKI THEATER YESTERDAY, erh ah the 6th of January Hearings...? THESE PEOPLE ARE SCUM, Literally SCUM OF THE EARTH! They ARE NOT PATRIOTS! Who would have believed that there would be so many Snowflakes in D.C., on a Hot July Day? PITIFUL PLAY ACTING for the Presstitutes!


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