Sunday, July 25, 2021

His THEORY was/is BS!!!!!



  1. Thoughts on Evolution if a learned person could clarify:
    Either A or B
    A - Evolution of a species is from a random error in the DNA Code whereupon that individual gains a particular advantage over all others of the same species, and that same error is successfully passed on to subsequent generations. Considering the absolute randomness of potential errors to any part of a DNA Code surviving the reproductive process, this is the most remote theory.
    B - The alteration of the DNA Code is by a conscious method. Either by the manipulation of the Code by the individual or by a separate conscious influence. That separate conscious influence would clearly have superior intellect, power and purpose for the manipulation. If this superior being is of flesh and blood, then correspondingly one must reason it too was manipulated to evolve up to a certain point by yet another superior intelligence.

    So, if any real science people actually know the answer, do tell. The establishment you have based your careers on has some questions requiring clarification.

    1. A, except it isn't exactly random, because chemical linkages in DNA have different susceptibility to mutation, and so your BS about remote theory is just that. Mutations can be caused by a variety of environmental factors, mostly environmental, but some just spontaneous. It may look random (because most people are unable to identify true randomness), but it isn't.

      But whatever floats your boat. Believe what you want. Just don't drag me into your "satanic" delusions. Anyone who has to bring religion into a discussion of reality is not working with a full deck.


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