Friday, February 12, 2021



  1. No shit, eh?
    Seriously... I used to keep my tinfoil hat hidden from most people. The fucking fringe was right about at least half that shit.. I would wager the pizza gate kiddie dinners are 110% true!
    These sick fucks have been living among and underneath us for years! Screw the Justice system, screw the state, half of them are in on it (Roberts, I'm looking at you and Ghislane in that photo you child humping whackadoo)!!! FUck the system, it will not bring justice. Just kill em. Kill em all, and let God sort them out.

  2. I cant wait for the truth to come out im tired of been ridiculed and called conspiracy theorist fake news by my family and friends one thing for sure is i cant wait to see their faces when they find out that what i have been telling them is not conspiracy theorist at all!


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