Thursday, October 6, 2022




  1. So where do you find a woman like that. One who won't rip your heart out leaving a gaping bloody wound. One who won't stab you in the back and call you "abusive and unloving" just because you didn't speak nicely to her or didn't agree with her about something. But you look after her, feed her, clothe her, give her gifts, remember birthdays and anniversaries, and provide a nice safe home?
    Just as an example :-{D

    1. Lol... amen brother, amen.
      Been a rough time for me as well... soon as the kids came.

  2. I had GOD put me and my wife together in the 70s at UCLA. It was a Blind Date and one of my Frat Buddies wanted me with her as she was his girl's best friend, but I was seeing someone.
    When we met I wasn't in the best shape and she wasn't either. She has said "a voice told her this is the man you will marry." I dropped the other woman immediately. We married after college and it has been 43 years, 2 sons. Life has not been always easy but we have always supported each other and our sons, and they have supported us.


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