Friday, October 28, 2022


Several Russian scientists came forward claiming petroleum was not a fossil fuel, it's a byproduct of the plate tectonics and earth makes an abundance of it... to the point, if we don't drill it, the earth will release it all on its own (which is how they "discovered" oil in the first place as it seeped up through the ground)... of course they were blackballed and relegated to the conspiracy theory side of life after that.

Rockefeller got one of the first world organizations to label it "fossil fuel" so people would think it was in limited supply and he could charge whatever he wanted for it.


  1. This is true. Do some research on ultra deep wells. They pulling oil from spots below the fossil record. And as the late, great, Rush Limbaugh pointed out, there are places like the Gulf of Mexico where oil naturally seeps from the sea floor....

  2. Well I not sure on the plate tectonics part, no tectonics happening from Texas to North Dakota....Wells capped in Texas a couple decades ago, are now producing...AND THE CLINCHER, we were told in the 70/80's that we'd run out by now.....

  3. It's the result of the methane deep in the earths crust under heavy heat/pressure which then forms hydrocarbons which then......... do I need to go on?


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