Thursday, February 17, 2022

Thanks BEN

 Between a Truck and a hard place...
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is between trucks and a hard place. At first he dismissed the truckers as they drove to Ottawa by saying they were a ‘fringe minority.’

A joke. Something to be dismissed with a contemptuous wave of his hand. When it got more serious he pulled out his big insults and lies. He claimed they were engaged in vandalism and flying ‘racist’ flags. He pronounced the protest as ‘unacceptable’ and a threat to the economy. He even said the truckers were abusing small businesses and stealing food from the homeless.

The question is, how much longer will Trudeau dig in his heels while faced with a losing situation? He should quickly agree to the truckers’ more than reasonable terms. Jettison the vaccine mandate. What’s his alternative? Use brute force like his pappy Fidel Castro would do? Maybe order a Tienanmen Square similar to what his CCP friends carried out? It sounds ridiculous, but he already has snipers set up. If Trudeau chooses the might makes right option, it will spell the end of his regime.

We need to support the truckers and all protestors who want to end medical tyranny, not just in Canada, but worldwide.

— Ben Garrison


  1. You have been censored by Google. I had been using the title of your blog to access it through a Google search. It used to come up as the first or third hit, along with "What is politically incorrect in the US but not Canada". Now, a post from October of last year shows up on page 3 of search results. This happened overnight 02/16-17/22, about the same time that the Canadian banks went offline...

  2. It's OK, I heard the truckers were just going to be there for 15 days to flatten the curve /sarc


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