Friday, June 22, 2012

The UN can kiss my Western Canadian ASS!!!

For starters the UN is the world's largest circle-jerk. The UN long ago ceased to be of any relevance in today's world and indeed sadly exemplifies all that is wrong with it. The overt political corruption, monetary waste, and total moral decadence in this association of politically motivated power grabbers and their sycophants is an insult to all that is Canadian.

According to leftist propaganda and the UN Canada is increasingly losing its previously good standing in the world on many fronts. WHY?

Being a lone voice in the wilderness crying out for sanity, in an ever increasing insane wo

As soon as you allow despots into the mix the whole thing is spoiled and needs to be thrown away. The UN Human Rights Council members at present include Cuba, Congo, China, Libya, and Saudi Arabia. What a human rights Hero’s group this bunch is.rld, is a lonely job. Canada no longer kisses up to the tin pot bureaucrats and dictators at the UN, and now the UN Mandarins are trying to getting even.

Canada is one of only two countries in the world with paid up dues at the UN.

It is time for Canada to leave the UN, and start our own club. Canada must get out of this dysfunctional organization, and stop any and all funding. We need to approach like minded nations with similar values to organize and pursue similar goals. Very much in the same way trade is approached, success will come from mutual values. NOT multicultural BS. We should

start by leaving UN positions unfilled, stop sending funds of any type and

Most importantly STOP showing up to there farcical meetings.

We need to give the UN a good solid Turd-doh salute and “Fuddle Duddle” them all!

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