Thursday, June 28, 2012

Canada's equalization program


Sometimes doing math can be fun or an eye opener at any rate.

I read an article in the about the fall sitting and how the government had better not use the omnibus option. HAHAHA

It mentioned the equalization program so i look it up and Canada's Population by province.

From the article: Six "have-not" provinces are splitting $15.4 billion in equalization payments in 2012-13: Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Population %
Ontario 12,851,821 38.4
Quebec 7,903,001 23.6
Manitoba 1,208,268 3.6
New Brunswick 751,171 2.2
Nova Scotia 921,727 2.8
Prince Edward Island 140,204 0.4

Total population of "have not" provinces 23,776,192 or 71.%
Total of "have" provinces 9,599,496 or 29.%

$15,400,000,000. when you divide it up it means that the have not get an extra 647.71 per person every year and us fools who pay into it the other 29% get dinged for 1604.25 EACH per year.

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