Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Goverment Murderers



  1. the ONLY thing l see wrong in Venezuela is the sociopath AMERICAN government doing everything in their power to destroy Venezuela, because Venezuela refuses to let an American oligarch profiteer off the "ownership" of VENEZUELAN oil.
    Oh, and should the exploitation of a countries resources be used to better the lives of the peasants instead of hoarded in offshore bank accounts and enriching a very small minority who are already OBSCENELY wealthy and word gets out, the peasants of America and its vassal states may start asking, "if them, why not us", but please, don't let AMERICA blockading the country and pirating ships containing WHEAT because "muh sanctions" (economic warfare on a country that cannot defend itself when the sanctioner is a nuclear power who isn't afraid to use it), interrupt a great narrative......

  2. More like 53 million in Russia and 67 million in Red China.


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