Monday, July 18, 2022

White Privilege - A Brief History


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  1. A soddy, a home built by carefully carving out chunks of sod and laying them aside. The digging a hole in the now bare soil. The finding enough small logs for a roof support. The building with those sod "blocks".

    Dirt falling on your head when sheltering inside from the harsh weather. Dirt floor with some time and effort with water, clay making something smooth enough to sweep.

    Insulation poor at best as you can see the winters frost line climb down your interior walls. You fight it with whatever scavenged firewood and cow patties you can find.

    All to "Improve" the free government land and survive the years needed to get a land grant.

    Back when we were Ameri-CAN's.

    Hard Dirt WORK. But worth it. Something the Gimmie Dats and most of the current "citizens" of America would NEVER Think about, let alone DO.

    Prop tip a few large rolls of sheet plastic, and some blue insulation board will make your next earth sheltered home much more useable.

    But you're going to have to do the dirty work.


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