Sunday, May 29, 2022

What A Real HERO Looks Like



  1. They should not resign, they should be fire with total loss of pension and benefits and never be allowed to do any kind of law enforcement work again, anywhere, ever again.

  2. to be fair guys, the first responders were busy, THEY GOT THEIR KIDS OUT!!

  3. Maybe they were told to stand down from higher up. It’s almost as if someone somewhere needed a bigger body count. Too many mass shootings too close together, and too close to the midterms to be the work of lone savages. FBI, perhaps?

    And let’s not forget the good woman who shot dead another halfwit with an EBR (eeeevil black rifle, said with a sneer). We have to, because the MSM wouldn’t touch that one. Doesn’t fit the narrative, you know.


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