Friday, April 29, 2022




  1. I worked my way through college when my folks showed my the door when I graduated HS in the late 70s. It was not easy and I never thought of loans. I worked for the phone company, took CLEP to test out faster and cheaper, and finished my degree. I went to UCLA for Electrical Engineering. I met my wife at UCLA. Spent my life in all areas of Telecom.
    My sons decided they would go to Trade School instead of college and they did go to different ones in early 2000s. The costs were less than half a year of college. They are now in their 30s, make close to 6 figures per year with steady jobs, have houses, cars, large bank accounts, and one has a family.

    1. My brother got through law school the same way. I was not smart enough.

  2. Well said and accurate to a fault.


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