Tuesday, June 22, 2021

How To Be A Child ........



  1. Yes. Long days, avoiding going in by drinking from the garden hose, and savoring every moment of being independent.

  2. Damned lucky, like me, but we had no fireflies..

  3. Yes I grew up in Southern California, but the smog bothered me so bad that my parents every summer from the time I was 4 to 13 sent me to my Grandparents in Tucson, Arizona. I worked with my Grandfather, who was a gardener in 115 degree heat working as a gardener.

    My Grandparents also took me to the Grand Canyon, Tombstone, Mexico, and other areas in Arizona to learn some of my history. Back in the 60s when I grew up there was not laws in place yet stopping kids from working.

    When I was a teen I worked around the home area earning money. Me and my friends also played in the areas around our homes, schools, and parks.


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