Saturday, July 25, 2020



  1. What do you expect from a Nazi Collaborator. Soros made his money off the property of Jews he helped send to the camps. As far as I am concerned his citizenship should be revoked and he should be tried for Crimes against humanity, Executed and his ashes scattered. ALL his money should be confiscated and given to Holocaust survivors and their descendants.

  2. Years ag I went to a meeting,, It was a Move ON thing,, and upon entry, they Wanted me to fill out a form and sign it,, and effectively Agree I am in support of the "movement".. I told them I would Listen, and see what they were about,, and IF I agreed with them after the meeting,, I would sign up,, They looked at me like I was some kinda dangerous person,, but they couldnt exactly throw me out in front of all the New Idiots who were so stupid they agreed to support something they didnt yet know anything about,.. So, after the bullshit they were pumping,, I, and my the wife,, got up and headed for the door,, the trained seals were applauding the bullshit and asking me and mine to support it all and agree to sign up,, Which I wouldnt do,, so, screw those idiots,, they have no idea what being an American truly is,,


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