Sunday, December 22, 2019

Big Bad Don.

Every morning' at three you would see him arrive.
He stood six foot three and weighed two forty five
Kinda broad at the shoulder and chunky around the middle
And every knew ya didn't give no lip to Big Don.
Nobody seemed to know how to handle Big Don
He had wit, spoke softly and carried a wand
He made America Great again and again
Obummer said it couldn't be done. Big Don
A politician who came out of nowhere
Said he wanted to help Patriots out there
Who had no voice, no one to call
Big money was the cause of it all. Big Don
History will remember a realtor who came to town
Cleaned out the muck and swamp all 'round.
Then came the day when the DEMONS cracked
Men started weepin' and started cryin' . Big Don
He cleaned up America
Patriots do say.
The DEMONS went back to hell
'Cause they lost their way....Big Don
Big Bad Don.
We Patriots love you, sir.

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