Sunday, September 23, 2018


Remember the sad events of the girls and the case brought before the Supreme Court: If you are from Houston you may remember in 1993, when 2 young girls, Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena, ages 14 & 16, were walking home one evening and were abducted, brutally raped and murdered by the members of a gang. The men were caught and tried, found guilty and all except 2 who were juveniles were sentenced to death. One of the men had lived here illegally most of his life. A few years later the United Nations World Court with 60 countries siding with them said Texas violated that man’s rights by not informing him of his right to contact his consulate. Pres. George Bush and Secretary of State Condi Rice ordered Texas to release him to keep peace with the U.N. The parents of those girls were so shocked and devastated that this man would go free. Greg Abbott was the state attorney general at the time. One of his junior attorneys went to argue before the Supreme Court not to allow this murderer to go free. The Texas attorney argued that the Constitution clearly states that the United States is a sovereign nation and no other nation has jurisdiction over our laws. All 60 countries were there arguing against this one attorney from Texas. He won the case, and Texas executed the offender in 2005. That junior attorney was Ted Cruz. I will vote for him every chance I get because he cared about those girls instead of protecting a murderer. I hope you will choose to vote for him too.

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