Friday, July 27, 2018

Glow Bull Warming

I read this the other day. It puts the Man Caused Climate Change Alarmists in their place. As I always have said we should be working on plans to mitigate climate change and not try to control it by controlling man.
C.J. Box "Free Fire" page 184
"So I don't concern myself with laws or causes anymore", Keaton said. "I don't get 
worked up about what used to be my passions - emissions, or recycling, or the trashing of 
the environment. We humans have such a high opinion if ourselves - especially my old 
brethren in the movement. We think we are gods on earth, that by merely changing our 
behavior or, more important, changing the behavior of heathen industrialists and 
capitalists, that we can actually affect the outcome of the planet. We're so unbelievably 
arrogant and elite, so blind, so stupid. We think we can control the world. It's so 
tremendously silly I laugh when I think about it. I would be similar to if all the germs on 
our bartender's head decided to get together to prevent him from farting. It makes no 
difference what they decide or what they think - he'll still fart like a heifer."
The bartender, who'd been listening, looked offended.
Doomsayer continued, "Such efforts are beyond quixotic - they're comically hopeless. So 
we take infinitesimal little actions like preventing oil exploration, or recycling our beer cans, or driving hybrid cars that cost twenty five times what a Third World worker makes 
in a year, or shaming other people for their desire to live well and prosper."

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