Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Most Polluted" ???

Way back when I was trucking for a dangerous waste disposal company one of my stops every month was a large leftie newspaper to pick up their used inks and chemicals. In a city of a million people, an over a hundred year old with declining subscriptions newspaper (the deadtree really is dead), I would end up with an half-full 53 foot trailer EVERY MONTH!

The numbers are staggering, all that dangerous waste being produced. I haven't done the math, mostly because I have no idea how many of those size presses are up and running in North America. That is just ONE newspaper in Canuckistan!  Most cities have at least 2 or more presses like that, in the lower mainland I know of the Vancouver Sun and Province newspaper are one GIANT press out in Surrey, evergreen press on Marine Drive, East Van Graphics on Commercial, Rhino print out in Richmond, Still Creek Press in Burnaby, I think the next word should be ETC.  In the US alone there are 34 Cities in the same general population group, Some way larger like New York with 8 million and LA right behind them.

34 cities, at least 2 presses in each each producing 1 40,000lb trailer of dangerous waste. WOW! When you think about this part of the newspaper business how can any good leftie even touch a newspaper with out begging GAEA for forgiveness?

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