Sunday, April 29, 2012



Thank you BFH @  & Chris Cassone. We are all Breitbart!

One morning I woke up and knew he was gone
A sad day, I did pray, I can’t see the new dawn
You’ll have your say, and I’ll have mine
But we carry on
The sky is clouding and the world has lost a light
The proggs are gloating, their souls are full of blight
We lost a voice, but we have no choice
But to carry on
The fortunes of patriots are able to press on
But witness the quickness our lives can be gone
To fight The One, we must not be undone
But carry on
Proggs are gunning for us all
Where are we going now my friends
Where will we be tomorrow
Will we fight to stem the tide
Will we drown in sorrow
Oh, the questions about this vile regime
What to do and how to proceed
Andrew, can you talk to me?
stolen from comments on by Callmelennie

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